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why learn 


Being able to understand and use French is an important aspect of being a Canadian and a global citizen. I wish for my students to be able to travel, experience the world with their own eyes! 

The adults of tomorrow will be better equipped to face the challenges of the 21st century if they know more languages. 

Students benefit in many different ways by gaining advantage for the job market, learning to communicate in a variety of real-life contexts, enhancing their first language development and academic skills in general. Most importantly learning second language involves risk-taking of speaking the language and tolerating the unknown. Learners tend to be more flexible and adaptable to new situations, which is an asset in nowadays-fast changing world. Research has shown that students studying a second language perform better in other subject areas such as mathematics and English language arts.


Students will need one dictionary with min 150,000 words (French-English and English-French). Any brand will work but the most recommended one by educators is Larousse. Dictionary is recommended as it gives group of words. 

On-line recommended dictionary is

Little Info about Mme.McFadyen

I have been teaching since 2004. I have taught math and computers, but went back to using more French once my oldest daughter needed help in French Immersion school. I love giving to the community and have had numerous volunteering positions: coaching soccer, cross country skiing, organizing clubs in schools, developing communities, hosting and coordinating exchange students for 15 years, and sitting as a Chair for Parent Council.

Currently I teach French to all the grades at CAPE School, and will gladly help any student once my teaching is done at 3:30

Monday-Thursday and on Fridays - anytime as per appointment. 



How Can i

Help You?

As your child’s teacher, I wish to establish a working relationship with parents.  Having adequate time and a private place to address concerns is very important in building this relationship.  As such, if you have questions regarding homework, routines, behaviour or your child’s progress, please arrange a time to meet with me.  I cannot guarantee that I am readily available every day before or after school, and this is why we request that parents arrange meetings so that an appropriate amount of time can be dedicated to building this relationship.  It also allows me to gather information you may request and involve others who may have information or assist in addressing your concerns.


I am most easily contacted via email, as it is checked regularly and I will respond to emails as quickly as possible;  Please note that during class time my priorities are students.  That means that I am unable to respond to emails, accept phone calls or meet with parents during class time.  However, if you leave a phone message with the office or email me, I will return your message when I am available.  

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